Ringless Voicemail Messaging

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Benefits of Ringless Voicemail Messaging

Ringless Voicemail Messaging

Ringless Voicemail Messaging

Ringless Voicemail Messaging (RVM) allows advertisers to leave voicemails for current consumers or potential customers without making their phones ring. Leaving a ringless voicemail is a better way to connect with consumers than text messages, direct calls, or unscheduled visits because the consumer can listen to the message and call you back when they are ready.  It does not interrupt like a phone call.  That’s why Ringless Voicemail Messaging  is a win-win for both the advertiser and the consumer.

Let’s face it, a phone call, or unscheduled visit is an interruption. Does anyone like interruptions? Generally no. With Ringless Voicemail, there is no interruption.  The consumer listens to the message when they are ready, thus you have a higher chance of getting a positive response to your message.  Here are 6 top Features and Benefits of Ringless Voicemail Technology.

1. A Unique Way To Reach Consumers

Unlike other forms of advertising which can obnoxious and intrusive, Ringless Voicemail Drops are a quiet and unoffensive way to contact a consumer. How Ringless Voicemail Messaging works is that the telephone company actually drops the message into the subscribers message box. The consumer will then receive an alert that he has a voicemail. No call appears on the consumer’s phone bill and no charge is assessed for delivery or retrieval of the voicemail.

2. Low Cost Per Delivery

Secondly, voicemail drops are an incredibly low cost way to reach consumers.  Primarily because the advertiser will not be billed by their phone company for the call, since no actual call was ever placed.  A good advertiser will pass these savings on in the form of a special promotion or discount to the consumer.  And that makes the customer VERY happy!

Ringless Voicemail works by allowing the telephone company to actually drops the message into the subscriber message box in a perfectly legal manner. There is no actual call.

3. Able to Reach A Large Number of Prospects

Effective advertising costs time, money, and other limited resources.  Therefore it’s wise to make sure that every single advertising touch leaves a positive impact on the targeted consumer.  Marketing pros want the most “bang for buck”.  Because of the low cost and large number of consumers you can reach, in a target area, voicemail drops act as a highly cost-effective method of reaching an unlimited number of consumers.

4. No Need To Cold Call

Consumer surveys show that a whopping 75% of advertising calls end up in voicemail.  Just ask any experienced telemarketer you come across on the streets and they’ll confirm this data.  It costs top companies a lot of money to pay cold callers to reach a prospect by phone.  Even after the initial contact, there is plenty of follow-up to close the sale which takes even more time and money.

This is why ringless voicemail drops are fast becoming the least expensive and easiest way to deliver a thoughtful message and special offer that will be gladly received by the consumer.  A warm consumer reaction is almost always guaranteed given that ringless voicemails generally come with a relaxed message and none of the pushiness of an initial sales call.

5. Special Offers and Promotions Are Welcome

Further, the ringless voicemail approach is a great way to make the customer feel special.  Offering a discount or special promotion offer gives the customer the option to call you back.  This is a huge departure from normal phone calls that customers may find rather impolite.  A voicemail drop will never ask a person to answer the call. So, the odds of causing a bad reaction will be very low.  Instead of a mad person on the other end of the line, ringless voicemail drops will bring a smile to the consumer receiving your special offer.

6. No Negative Publicity

In addition,  you won’t have others say mean things about your company or products – thus overcoming one of the leading pitfalls facing all marketers worldwide: inadvertent negative publicity. What’s even more encouraging about ringless voicemail drops is the fact that your over-worked staff won’t have to fret over the task of making outbound calls, text messages, or continued pitching into the voicemail boxes.