Delivers leads from visitors on your website.
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Why have a chatbot on your website?

  • Chat Pro Virtual Chat Bot Lead Harvesting Service “Agents” proactively engage visitors 24/7
  • Customized Chat Script including qualification process
  • Leads Delivered Real Time
  • Affordable, simple solution to harvest more leads from web traffic

ServiceVirtual Chat Bot Proactive Lead Harvesting Service

  1. A Customized Virtual Chat Script is created to deliver results.
  2. Virtual Chat code is provided to insert on the website.
  3. A Virtual Bot “Agent” proactively initiates a chat conversation
  4. Visitor responds to virtual chatbot “agent”
  5. ChatBot “Agent” follows the script to collect information.
  6. A visitor becomes a lead when they have a genuine interest in your products or services
  7. Hot leads delivered as email, name, phone, and interest.

Minimum expected ROI = 300%

Chat 2 Engage Virtual Chat Bot Proactive Lead Harvesting Service is based on the fact that real customers are visiting your site and some are ready to “buy now.” If you’re not getting enough phone calls or leads from your website, your site visitors are falling into a “black hole.”  They are visiting your website, but you never know they are there. They come and go without contacting you.

Chat 2 Engage Virtual Live Chat Lead Harvesting Service is like a “net” over your black hole.  A Virtual Chatbot “Agent” will proactively engage site visitors that have a genuine interest and deliver hot qualified leads.

Virtual Chatbot “Agents” proactively engage visitors who come to your site by interacting “live” with your website visitors.  Chat 2 Engage Virtual Chat will engage web visitors 24/7  using a customized chat script.  Our chatbot service will “invite” visitors to chat by alerting their web browser. Through the use of a customized script, web visitors who elect to chat leave their name, phone, email, and area of interest as a hot lead.

Why Does It Improve Sales?

Website visitors often have questions regarding your products and services but don’t want to wait for an answer.  Virtual Chat gives virtual chatbot “agents” an opportunity to assist the website visitor 24/7 and get their attention before they leave.

How Does A Virtual Chatbot Work?

Virtual  Chat software consists of two parts: the chat code added to a website, and the Virtual Bot “Agent” who will follow a customized script designed specifically for your business.  You’ve seen the click-to-chat functionality before — the “chat now” button available on many popular websites (often displaying across the browser window). Our chat box will appear after a few seconds over your website in the lower right corner and the Virtual Chat Agent will initiate a conversation with your visitor.  If possible, our Virtual Bot Agent will collect name, email, phone, and area of interest of a web visitor and deliver this to your business as a qualified lead.

Virtual Chatbot Service Includes:

  • Professional Virtual Chatbot 24/7
  • Customized Chat Script
  • Leads Delivered Real Time
  • Virtual Chatbot “Agent” will proactively initiate the conversation

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