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Benefits of Virtual Live Chat:

  • More results from paid traffic –  If you’re advertising on FB or Adwords, why not use every means possible to ENGAGE with visitors?  Right now your web visitor must either CALL or fill out a form.  Why not allow them to leave their contact info without forcing them to “do” something?
  • Proactive  – A Virtual Agent will PROACTIVELY initiate a conversation.   Your visitor will NOT have to locate and click a chat button.
  • 24/7 – Virtual Agents work around the clock harvesting leads from visitors, even when your office is closed.  No has to sit infront of a computer at your office, waiting for someone to chat.
  • Response – Virtual Chat Agents connect & respond FASTER than a real person, so users stay engaged.
  • Focus – Virtual Chat Agents focus on collecting the visitor information.
  • Expense – Virtual Chat Agent are AFFORDABLE!  Why spend dollars paying for a real person when a visitor will leave info with our Virtual Chat Agent just as easily?