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Virtual Chat Bot Features

  • Done-For-You Virtual Live Chat Bot Service 24/7
  • Customized script to convert visitors into leads
  • Automated Virtual Live Chat Bot “Agent” engages & qualifies visitors
  • Easy to Install
  • Qualified Leads & Hot Prospects are harvested from your website
  • Visitor presented with invitation to chat within a few seconds

Virtual Chat Bot Benefits

  • Focusing web visitor behavior in a manner that engages them with your company
  • Enjoy Hot Leads & Qualified Prospects
  • Increase leads from online advertising by 35%
  • Engage visitors who otherwise might not call
  • Give potential customers instant responses
  • Deliver 24/7 assistance
  • Build customer trust & confidence
  • Initiate real-time proactive communication

Qualified Leads Delivered Instantly!

Harvest Leads Real Time With 24/7 Chat Bot Service


More Leads From Site Visitors

Virtual Live Chat Virtual Chat Bot “Agents” proactively engage visitors who come to your site by interacting “live” with your website visitors.  Chat 2 Engage Virtual Chat will engage web visitors 24/7  using a customized chat script.  Our chat bot service will “invite” visitors to chat by alerting their web browser. Through the use of a customized script, web visitors who elect to chat leave their name, phone, email and area of interest as a hot lead.

Why Does It Improve Sales?

Website visitors often have questions regarding your products and services but don’t want to wait for an answer.  Virtual Chat gives virtual chat bot “agents” an opportunity to assist the website visitor 24/7 and get their attention, before they leave.

How Does A Virtual Chat Bot Work?

Virtual  Chat software consists of two parts: the chat code added to a web site, and the Virtual Bot “Agent” who will follow a customized script designed specifically for your business.  You’ve seen the click-to-chat functionality before — the “chat now” button available on many popular websites (often displaying across the browser window). Our chat box will appear after a few seconds over your website in the lower right corner and the Virtual Chat Agent will initiate a conversation with your visitor.  If possible, our Virtual Bot Agent will collect name, email, phone and area of interest of a web visitor and deliver this to your business as a qualified lead.

Virtual Chat Bot Service Includes:

Virtual Live Chat Lead Harvesting

  • Professional Virtual Chat Bot 24/7
  • Customized Chat Script
  • Leads Delivered Real Time
  • Virtual Chat Bot “Agent” will proactively initiate the conversation

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